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On screens 24 hours a day in the UK is the 2007 Celebrity Big Brother. The show started a week a go on Channel 4 and its associated channels. Hammer fans might have taken note of two of this years' celebrities in the house. Veteran film director, Ken Russell (The Devils, Altered States, Women In Love, Lair of the White Worm) took his place as the oldest inhabitant of the house to date. Aged 79, Ken left the show of his own choice just a few days into the show, having grown frustrated by the antics of fellow contestants. Russell turned down an offer from Hammer to direct in the 1970s telling them he'd love to make a horror film with Hammer, but that the script on offer simply wasn't a real horror film!

Also entertaining viewers is 61 year old American actor Dirk Benedict. Benedict is perhaps best remembered for his apperances in The A Team and the original Battlestar Galactica. In 1983 he took the lead role in Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense episode The Mark of Satan.

Obituary 11.01.07

British comedian and actor Charlie Drake passed away just before Christmas 2006. Drake's sole Hammer appearance was in the 1961 comedy Sands of the Desert. The diminutive comedian was born in the Elephant and Castle area of London on 19 June 1925 and went on to a lengthy career on stage, tv and film. His highly physical antics landed him in hospital many times - in 1961 a wardrobe which had been built so as to collapse was repaired by an overly diligent member of the crew, and when dragged through the wardrobe Drake suffered a serious head injury that would leave him out of work for three years. In the 1980s Drake returned to the screen as a serious actor to some success.

He spent the last years of his life in Brinsworth House - a retirement home for actors. He died following a series of strokes on 23 December 2006.

Event News 21

As regular readers will be aware, this January sees the launch of Wayne Kinsey's eagerly awaited book on Hammer's Elstree-period films. The event takes place in London on 27th January 2007, and if you haven't already I'd advise booking your tickets as soon as possible. The event promises to be filled with special guests from across Hammer's history, as well as special screenings and signings.

Wayne himself has sent the following email to readers of


The Legend of Hammer

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Legend of Hammer event on Saturday 27th January. We've moved the event from Islington back to the Cine Lumiere in Kensington where the Jimmy Sangster and Hammer - the Bray Years books were launched. Anybody who attended these past great events will know what to expect. The event is organised by Don Fearney who put together those incredible two Bray open days and he can be relied on to put on a great day.

The tickets are £23 for a full day's enntertainment (10-7pm). For your admission price you'll get:
* Two Hammer vampire classics on the big screen in the Cine Lumiere's fully eqipped cinema - Brides of Dracula and Kiss of the Vampire.

* Also on the big screen will be the premiere of Don's feature length documentary 'The Legend of Hammer - Vampires' narrated by Edward De Souza and shot on High Definition video. This has been put together with the full enthusiasm of a Hammer fan and there's a great affectionate opening precredit sequence emulating the great days of Hammer horror starring Don along with John Cater and John Forbes Robertson. The documentary features some great new interviews including Christopher Mathews talking about 'Scars of Dracula' for the first time on film and some great scoops including rare footage of the Queen's award for Industry ceremony and Les Bowie's test SPFX footage for 'Taste the Blood of Dracula' .

*There's the official launch of 'Hammer Films - The Elstree Studios Years' with a guest panel signing along with me. The book is almost there and is looking great. It carries on from the Bray book but this time is bigger and bolder - over 420 pages with over 500 photographs - many never published before. Lots of behind the scenes shots from rare surviving contact sheets. Plus some great scoops never published before. A one time opportunity to get the book signed by a number of Hammer guests. The book will not be available elsewhere till after the launch. We'll be taking plenty of copies along so you will be able to get books signed for friends who can't make it.

* Plus, like the previous events, we'll have many guests from Hammer just dropping in for the day. The Bray event attracted over 20 passing Hammer guests (with some surprises - remember Yvonne Romain?) and we're hoping to beat that this time. Given the fact we are launching the documentary and Elstree book we'll have the excuse to invite guests from both the Bray and Elstree years. The guest list is still being formulated and invites are being sent far and wide but we're hoping to arrange a special reunion for one of the films showing, Kiss of the Vampire, with Edward De Souza, Jeniffer Daniel, Don Sharp, Alan Hume and Pauline Harlow. Your unique chance to chat with them and get some great signings.

*Plus a chance as always to meet old friends.

Tickets available from Don Fearney. If you've not got an application form yet give him a call on 0208 8066915

The scale of this event depends on you. The more money up front the bigger the guest line up can be. So please get ordering your tickets now and don't leave it till the last minute. We want to make sure we bring the right numbers of books over and make this as big an event as possible and we really need your support to start crystallising that guest list and guest signing panel now.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you there!

wayne Kinsey
November 2006


Merchandise News 02
Gresham Blake's exclusive Dracula cape inspired by classic Hammer Horror

Gresham Blake's exclusive Dracula Cape

I'm delighted to be able to report that the Gresham Blake cufflinks and Dracula cape are now available to order. The cape is at present available on a made-to-order basis, direct from the official HammerShop here. Each cape is made within a 14 day period, to the highest quality standards. The final price is a very reasonable £213 (US $405).

You can view the cape here in this picture sent to us by Gresham Blake from their recent photoshoot. Also on view is one of Gresham's distinctive Hammer ties.

NIGEL KNEALE 1922-2006
News 31

According to reports this morning on HammerWeb, legendary screenwriter Nigel Kneale has died at the age of 84. Kneale was responsible for some of the finest science fiction of the 20th century, and his Quatermass Xperiment proved one of the most important films in Hammer history, paving the way for the horror films the company would become best known for. Hammer would also make film versions of his BBC serials The Creature (as The Abominable Snowman in 1957), Quatermass 2 (1957) and Quatermass and the Pit (1967) as well as Kneale's script for The Witches (1966).

A full obituary will follow.

Merchandise News 20

Front and rear image of one of Bond International's Hammer Chips - this one for Countess Dracula

Front and rear image of the Bond International/Collectables Mania exclusive 50 Years of Horror chip for Hammer Films

After much anticipation the first of the Hammer Poker Chips from Collectables Mania are in the midst of launching. The superb chips retail around £7 per chip, with six chips currently for each of the films represented (Countess Dracula, Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, Twins of Evil, and Hands of the Ripper). Each chip is approximately 39mm in diameter, sports a photographic image on one side, and poster art on the reverse.

An exclusive Hammer Horror 50th Anniversary chip is available for just over £3 at Hammer's official shop, and is included free with all orders placed there this month.

Merchandise News 19

A quick update on some of the long-awaited Hammer lines. The official HammerShop has recently started stocking a range of licensed framed Hammer movie-cells.

I understand that the Gresham Blake Hammer ties should be featuring for purchase with the HammerShop soon. The Forbidden Terrortory game will not now be available until November - the stock is made overseas and will not be arriving until then, but just in time for Christmas! The Smiffy's Hammer costumes have also been slightly delayed until November. I'm also told by Smiffy's that despite previous suggestions, there are currently no plans for a deluxe range of costumes.

Production News 19

Last Friday's Hammer event in Cornwall brought forth a number of questions about possible future Hammer productions from the audience. Whilst there was no news of any forthcoming dramatic productions it was revealed by Marcus Hearn that Ted Newsom is currently finishing off his new edit of Flesh and Blood, the 1994 documentary which features the last professional work by Peter Cushing. The new edit is due to be delivered in November to Hammer, with potential new dvd and tv screenings to follow (providing a broadcaster can be found).

I spoke to Ted Newsom in August about plans for the new version of the documentary. Back in August I was told that the new version would likely run for two hours, adding another 20 minutes to the previously available edit. The Cushing and Lee narration will remain, but a number of editing changes will be made, including better-sourced archival picture material, a new interview with Hammer director Terry Ilott, and new material with Dave Prowse and sound editor Ian McGregor Scott. Additional material with Michael Carreras, Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt is also likely. Ted has also talked about some of his plans over on the Classic Horror Film Board.

In addition to Newsom's documentary, Marcus Hearn also mentioned provisional plans for a new documentary which would be for the dvd market, and possible telvision broadcast. When we get more information we'll let you know.

News 19

We first revealed plans on 17 March for a possible remastering of Hammer's first horror film, The Curse of Frankenstein. I'm delighted to now be able to report back to you with confirmation that the BFI, in association with Hammer, are now remastering three classic Hammer horror films for the 50th Anniversary in 2007.

Marcus Hearn revealed plans for the new prints at the screening of Plague of the Zombies in Cornwall on Friday 13 October. Joining The Curse of Frankenstein are Hammer's version of Dracula and The Mummy. It is hoped that the films will be screened at the London Film Festival late in 2007. Marcus, who currently works with the Hammer archive, told the audience (in response to one question about the use of the UK title on the remastered print), that he was hoping to assemble a unique print - a hybrid of the original UK print (which would have the correct UK screen titles "Dracula" as opposed to "Horror of Dracula", and the US print - which is in fact longer. I asked Marcus after the event about the rumoured extra-gory Japanese version (The Mummy is also rumoured to contain extra material in the Japanese print) - and he told me that it will depend on what material Warner provide from the vaults, but it will be looked into.

Marcus also hinted that a set of special edition dvd might follow. Work commences on the remastering shortly.

News 17

Zombie tin-miners at the Carnglaze Plague of the Zombies screening in October 2006. Image © 2006. All Rights Reserved

Last Friday (13th October), Robert Simpson and Marcus Hearn took to the stage to answer questions after a special screening of Hammer's Plague of the Zombies at Carnglaze Cavern in Cornwall. Whilst the session wasn't recorded, a number of interesting developments were confirmed by Marcus during the discussion.

Marcus Hearn is currently involved with Hammer's archive as well as acting as an official consultant to the company. Having edited the official HAMMER HORROR magazine for Marvel in 1996, he then co-edited the superb Hammer Story book, which is now definitely to be reissued next year by Titan (initially announced for this year, but slightly delayed). Marcus continues to be involved with publication of Hammer materials through his own publishing company RH Books, as well as supplying numerous dvd extras including commentaries and onscreen interviews.

Robert Simpson continues to work as Hammer webmaster, and is currently writing a book on Hammer - House of Horror: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Hammer Films, which is due for publication in 2007/8 by Telos. Robert introduced the screening of Plague of the Zombies and you can read a transcript of his introduction here.

The screening itself was a great success, with a large crowd braving the cold temperatures of the cave (a constant 10°), and many of the audience dressing up as zombie tin miners! The original plan for Robert to interview Marcus and then move on to the audience Q&A was abandoned at the last minute in consultation with the event organisers, and instead a lengthy Q&A took place between audience and the Hammer guests. Information gleamed from the Q&A is posted in the adjoining articles.

Production News 12

Rumours have been floating around over the last few months that Hammer Film Productions has entered into a deal with the BBC to produce a new horror anthology in 2007. Whilst neither the BBC nor Hammer themselves have confirmed any arrangement, M.G. over at the Yahoo Hammer Discussion Group has spotted what appears to be confirmation regarding the project on a profile of Hammer non-executive director Terry Ilott at the Cass Business School website. Terry Ilott is a Visiting Lecturer at Cass, and the profile details two forthcoming Hammer-related projects. The profile includes the following information:

As chief executive of Hammer Film Productions, Terry significantly contributed to the re-emergence of this famous but moribund (and previously loss-making) brand as a player in the entertainment industry, reporting six consecutive years of profits (2000 - 2005)....

....In 1999 Terry managed the acquisition of Hammer Film Productions Ltd by a group of investors and in 2000 took over the running of the company. After two years of sorting out Hammer’s backlog of unfinished business and returning the company to regular profitability, Terry attempted to launch a development programme of new horror projects in May 2003. However, Hammer did not have the resources to properly fund this programme so Terry decided to set up film and television projects on his own account. Terry relinquished day-to-day responsibility for Hammer in November 2005, becoming instead a non-executive director. Terry's interests are now divided between consultancy, writing and film and television project development.

Under the section "current productions" is the following:-

Hammer horror anthology series for TV, with BBC Drama (executive producer). Commencing May 2007.

And under the section about Terry Ilott's long term projects, currently (not contracted) is:-

Charles Saatchi: his part in my downfall. A book about five, frustrating years running Hammer Films. A sequel of sorts to My Indecision is Final.

This would seem to suggest that Hammer is indeed promising something special for the 50th anniversary of The Curse of Frankenstein in 2007, with an actual new dramatic production. We await further information over the coming months....

IMPORTANT: Please do not bombard Hammer or the BBC with enquiries about this rumoured production. As soon as information is available it will be posted on the Unofficial Hammer Films Site, and any official announcements will appear (without doubt) on Hammer's official webspace - HammerWeb.
We have made the decision to repost information available on a publicly accessible website. Any new Hammer production may be subject to many negotiations and changes, and may fall the way of previously announced (and ultimately abandoned) deals.

Merchandise News 12
Smiffy's Hammer Horror Dracula costume - detailing cape, ring and pendant

Smiffy's Hammer Horror costume - Dracula cape, ring and pendant

Fan's may be delighted to learn that just in time for this year's Halloween festivities, an exclusive new range of Hammer costumes is now available. The costumes were unveiled just a couple of weeks ago in London, and are based closely upon the monsters from classic Hammer films. A more expensive range aimed at the rental market is expected to be released as well, but details are not yet available.

The costumes have been designed and manufactured by English company Smiffy's - a family-run English-originated firm with 110 years in the business - and will be available in costume and high street stores during the next few weeks. The costumes include both latex full-head masks, accessories and full body costumes. There is also a special face paint set for the Dracula outfit.

Costumes in the first wave of release include Frankenstein's Monster - based on Christopher Lee's make-up and costume in the 1957 film The Curse of Frankenstein (face mask, suit and shackles); Dracula - again based on Christopher Lee's iconic 1958 appearance in Dracula (includes mask, cloak, ring and pendant); Mummy - mask modelled on the 1959 film The Mummy, as well as a full body bandage suit; Werewolf - based on Oliver Reed's outfit from The Curse of the Werewolf, including hairy mask, gloves and body suit; and finally for the ladies Countess Dracula - including a full wig and dress based on Hammer's 1971 feature starring Ingrid Pitt (and which is also re-released on dvd this week by Network).

Smiffy's Countess Dracula Hammer Horror costume - including wig and dress (2006) Smiffy's Curse of the Werewolf costume - including mask based on Oliver Reed in the Hammer Horror film Smiffy's Hammer Horror - The Curse of Frankenstein costume, including mask, shakles and suit

Smiffy's Hammer Horror costume - Countess Dracula outfit, dress and wig

Smiffy's Hammer Horror costume - inspired by Oliver Reed in The Curse of the Werewolf, including mask, gloves and suit

Smiffy's Hammer Horror costume - inspired by Christopher Lee in The Curse of Frankenstein - includes suit, mask and shakles

Having seen the prototypes last month I was impressed by the high standard of the outfits, and close representation of both the costumes to the inspirational films. For a modestly budgeted line, the masks were also surprisingly close to the films they are based upon. The costumes will no doubt delight fans this Halloween, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the deluxe rental range. We hope to add a full review in the weeks to come...

Smiffy's Hammer Horror costume masks, available Autumn/Fall 2006 - Frankenstein's monster from The Curse of Frankenstein; Dracula; The Mummy; Werewolf from The Curse of the Werewolf and Countess Dracula wig.
Product should be in the shops September/October 2006

Smiffy's Hammer Horror costumes, Frankenstein's monster mask, based on Christopher Lee in The Curse of Frankenstein (2006)Smiffy's Hammer Horror costumes - Dracula mask based on Christopher Lee(2006)Smiffy's Hammer Horror costumes - The Mummy mask
Smiffy's Hammer Horror costumes, Werewolf mask, based on Oliver Reed in The Curse of the WerewolfSmiffy's Hammer Horror costumes, Countess Dracula wig, based on Ingrid Pitt in Countess Dracula


Merchandise News 12

Sculpted pieces for Britannia Games' Forbidden Terrortory interactive dvd game, due out September/October 2006. The pieces are based on popular characters from Hammer Films, including Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee

Britannia Games' Hammer Horror interactive dvd game - FORBIDDEN TERRORTORY was due out this Thursday, but latest information we have suggests that there have been a number of delays with Britannia. Stockists including Forbidden Planet, still list 14th September as release date, although it is now likely that stock will not be available until October. The game will be available from all good highstreet stores and from Hammer's official shop.

In the meantime, we have an updated image which includes pictures of the game's playing pieces, featuring a number of classic Hammer characters. Britannia's forthcoming Hammer chess set will feature similar gaming pieces.

The game pieces include representations of Dracula (Dracula), Zombie (Plague of the Zombies), Mummy (The Mummy), Werewolf (The Curse of the Werewolf), Frankenstein's Monster (Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell), Reptile (The Reptile), Van Helsing (Dracula), Father Sandor (Dracula Prince of Darkness), Captain Kronos (Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter), Carla (Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter), and more...

Event News

Caroline Munro today - celebrating 40 years in the businessHammer's only contract actress, Caroline Munro (Dracula AD 1972, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter) is celebrating 40 years in the business this year. We've been forwarded details of a special meet and greet in Lancashire (England) on 23 September.

Click here for more infomation.

DVD News

We've had final confirmation this week from Optimum about the extras for the forthcoming ULTIMATE HAMMER BOX SET, which is released in October.

According to the information from Optimum the set will include the following extras, which are making their UK debut:

All of these have never been available in the UK before
One Million Years BC
Interviews with Raquel Welch and Ray Harryhausen
Scars of Dracula
Commentary with Roy Ward Baker and Christopher Lee
The Horror of Frankenstein
Commentary with Jimmy Sangster / Interview with Veronica Carlson
Blood from the Mummies Tomb
Interviews with Valerie Leon and Christopher Wicking
Demons of the Mind
Commentary with Peter Sykes, Christopher Wicking and Virginia Wetherell
To the Devil a Daughter
To the Devil…the Death of Hammer feature

Trailers / Stills Galleries

These are the final set of extras for the set. The confirmed final list of films is as follows:


 The 21 film set (some sources had suggested 22 films, and contrary to previous reports no further extras are planned) will be released with a recommended retail price of £149.99. Online retailers will likely be slightly cheaper.

Pre-order by clicking here

DVD News

Before making a name for itself as the purveyors of fine Horror entertainment, typical Hammer fare included thrillers, noir, comedy and jazz musicals! Michael Carreras was behind many of these musical shorts, made mostly under the Exclusive arm of the company.

Odeon Entertainment have confirmed to us that their forthcoming biographical dvd Alma Cogan - Her Unforgettable Story will include two rare and highly-sought after mid-1950s Hammer half-hour shorts as extras - the Cogan starring Eric Winstone's Stagecoach and The Eric Winstone Show Band.

Alma Cogan dvd - click here to orderFrom the Odeon Website:

Alma Cogan was one of the brightest stars of music and television during the 1950’s. Her glamour and dresses were legendary, capturing the desire of a nation to escape from the austerity of post-war Britain. She was the most successful female recording star of the decade with hits such as Dreamboat, Bell Bottom Blues, Twenty Tiny Fingers and I Can’t Tell a Waltz from a Tango. Her personal life was just as glamorous with celebrity gossip columns following her every relationship with stars such as Cary Grant. For the very first time, this programme has uncovered and re-mastered full live performances of Alma at the pinnacle of her career in colour! In addition, there is also a new documentary charting the story of her life, career, famous parties and romances. This is Alma Cogan’s Fabulous Story!

Performances and music include - These Foolish Things; Let there be Love; Dream Boat; Little Jacket of Blue; I Got Rhythm; Sycamore Tree; We all go Riding on a Rainbow; Gottin’ Idea; Falling in Love with Love; and others

The dvd is released on 25th September for a RRP of £14.99. Click here to preorder with a discount.

Book News

Wayne Kinsey's eagerly cwaited follow up history of Hammer Films is now officially confirmed for a launch on 27 January 2007.

As with the last book, there is a special event which will include a signing, screening of two Hammer Films, and the premiere of Donald Fearney's new documentary - The Legend of Hammer - Vampires (a piece of news in itself!)

Full details are below, and as we get confirmation of titles to be screened, and special guests they will appear on the site. Early booking for this London event is recommended.

The Legend of Hammer

SPECIAL ONE DAY EVENT to launch HAMMER FILMS – THE ELSTREE STUDIOS YEARS by Wayne Kinsey and THE LEGEND OF HAMMER – VAMPIRES, the new Hammer documentary by Don Fearney, narrated by Edward De Souza

Saturday 27th January, 2007
The Screen on the Green, Islington          10-6pm       Tickets £23

 HAMMER FILMS – THE ELSTREE STUDIOS YEARS is the exciting follow-up to Wayne Kinsey’s Bray years book. Published by Tomahawk Press. Bigger and better than Bray with over 400 pages crammed with blood rare photos, many in print for the first time. (see for more details)

Event will feature:

Guest book signing with many other guests dropping in for the day
Dealer’s tables
Cinema showing the Hammer documentary and two Hammer films

 Numbers limited so book now to avoid disappointment (and the more money we get upfront the more guests we can have). Contact Don Fearney NOW at 25 High Hill Ferry, Bakers Hill, London, E5 9HG; tel no. 0208 8066915 for an application form.

 Please note: if attending event, please buy books there on the day for signing as  Tomahawk will only be dispatching web ordered copies a few days after the launch.

Site News
.08.06 - updated 30.08.06

Welcome to our new domain - (30.08 - following a request from Hammer, we have moved the site to this new domain name, as was deemed too similar to Hammer's existing official name - probably not a bad call when considered - the interim site has been removed and the domain name will probably be transferred to Hammer themselves shortly - the address is absolutely our new permanant home! Apologies for the confusion!)

After 7 years on the web I felt it was time we found ourselves a permanant home, and now we have. We've been given a slightly new look, and the site is going through some restructuring and reformatting. For the next couple of weeks you might notice that some of the pages are down, but have no fear, all will return soon, including articles and news archives that went down following a previous host move. The Unofficial Hammer Site will continue to provide you with all the latest news and information - the most comprehensive Hammer site around....

Upcoming features include a collector's area, a new Hammer noir site (celebrating the best of Hammer's thrillers, and coinciding with the release of VCI's Hammer Noir Collection), a new merchandise section and comprehensive release schedule and much much more.

Feel free to email any comments, queries etc to

Fanzine News
Full details are now in of the forthcoming issue of Dick Klemensen's superb Hammer magzine, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS, which can be ordered via


In the1970s, Hammer was looking for new ideas to energize the horror genre.  Brian Clemens, the mastermind behind the cult classic TV show THE AVENGERS, came forward with two new original looks at classic themes of “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and vampires!!

Ladies of Hammer 6 – Interviews with Caroline Munro


The Demon Exposed – facts of the Making of THE NIGHT OF THE DEMON – the classic tale of a demon unloosed – by Paul Welsh

The Making of DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE by Bruce Hallenbeck Interviews with Ralph Bates (star) Roy Ward Baker (Director) Irene Bradshaw (Actress)

The Making of CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER by Bruce Hallenbeck Interviews with Laurie Johnson (Music Composer) Horst Janson (Star) John Cater (Actor) William Hobbs (Actor and head vampire) Lisa Collings (Actress)

Hammer Old Guard Interviews with Christopher Neame (Production Manager) and Vincent Cox (director of photography on CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT)

The Corporate House of Hammer Part II by Wes Walker.  Wes continues with his look inside the business dealing of Hammer over the years. 

Front Cover painting by Bruce Timm
Back Cover painting by Narman Bryn.



15.08.06 is now listing CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB for release from Sony Pictures on 23rd October, with a RRP of £12.99 (sendit are offering it for £9.99). Its the first Hammer release from Sony/Columbia in some time. Full details on format, extras (if any) when we get them.



Since we first reported on the release of these two titles from Network DVD on 24/07, we can now confirm the cover artwork and extras for both discs. The dvds are released by Network on October 9th with a £12.99 RRP on each.

HANDS OF THE RIPPER has been upgraded to special edition status. TWINS OF EVIL will remain a standard disc, although does now include a deleted scene as an extra.

Special features on HANDS OF THE RIPPER are:
  • Audio commentary with actress Angharad Rees and horror critics Kim Newman and Stephen Jones
  • THRILLER episode When the Killing Starts starring Angharad Rees
  • Theatrical trailer

Release Date =
9th October 2006
RRP = £12.99
Total Running Time =
81 minutes (approx)
Screen Ratio =


Special features on TWINS OF EVIL are:

·        Deleted scene

·        Theatrical trailer

TWINS OF EVIL SPECIAL EDITION (15) is a Network release
Release Date =
9th October 2006
Total Running Time =
84 minutes (approx)
Screen Ratio = 16:9


Hands of the Ripper special edition R2 dvd cover - Network 2006

Twins of Evil r2 dvd cover - Network 2006


As a prelude to this year's Cornish Film Festival, the organisers are putting on a special screening of Cornish-set Hammer classic, THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES in the unique setting of a cave. Its the first time the venue has been used for a film screening, and its sure to be a special event. The screening takes place on Friday 13th October. Details taken from the festival website are below:-

The Plague of the Zombies (1966)

7:30 pm on Friday 13th October 2006 at Carnglaze Caverns, Liskeard

40 years since it original release Cornwall Film Festival is bringing ‘The Plague of the Zombies’ back to Cornwall.  This one off special screening will take place on Friday 13th October 2006 in Carnglaze Cavern.  The evening, which will include a talk about the Hammer Horror genre, offers Hammer enthusiasts and film lovers alike the chance to watch this ground breaking and well loved Hammer Classic in a genuine Cornish Cave!  Tickets cost £5 and we are offering a free pint of beer to anyone dressed as a Cornish Zombie tin miner.

Filmed in 1966, ‘The Plague of the Zombies’ tells the tale of a remote Cornish village, where a serious of mysterious deaths bring renowned doctor, Sir James Forbes to the aid of a former student.  It soon transpires the villagers are being murdered and then resurrected to work in a local tin mine.

Staring; André Morell, Diane Clare, Brook Williams, Jacqueline Pearce and John Carson, this John Gilling film pushed the boundaries of Zombie Film making.  It linked zombies with cannibalism and is often cited as an inspiration for George Romero’s reinvention of zombie mythology.

The Cornish Setting is key to the action and atmosphere in this film and as such viewing this Hammer classic in the setting of a Cornish Cave, on Friday 13th October, is a real cinematic treat.  ‘The Plague of the Zombies’ is widely considered one of the best Hammer Films of its time.  Tickets are available for £5 via Carnglaze booking office on (01579) 320251.  Visit The
Carnglaze Cavern website for more booking information.

Fanzine News

Dick Klemensen has sent me the cover art for the forthcoming issue of long-running Hammer mag LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS. Exact contents for issue 18 are still unconfirmed, but there will be major features on CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER and NIGHT OF THE DEMON (a non-Hammer film for a change). Expect the usual information burst of news, reviews, interviews and more! We'll bring you all the information as we get it. The mag should be shipping by October.


Bruce Timm's superb cover art for LSOH 18 - due out October 2006 - depicting Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

Norm Bryn's striking painting for the rear cover of LSOH 18 - depicting Night of the Demon, a non-Hammer classic


Patrick Allen in Captain CleggThe Unofficial Hammer Site was saddened to learn that veteran actor, and Hammer regular Patrick Allen died in August. Allen's Hammer credits include Never Take Sweets From A Stranger, Captain Clegg and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth as well as a vocal appearance in The Devil Rides Out. Allen is perhaps best known for his voice over work, regularly voicing commercials and cinema trailers - most recently for UK channel E4. Allen was married to actress Sarah Lawson (The Devil Rides Out). A full tribute will appear shortly.

We're moving!!!
Site News 10.07.06

I'm sure one of the reasons many Hammer fans forget about the Unofficial site is because frankly we are hosted on a domain name that bears no connection to anything Hammer past or present. Well, all that will be changing at the end of the month as we upsticks and move the site to a new dedicated domain, and in the process strip and redesign substantial portions of the site too. I'm planning on reformatting the extensive news section, reposting a number of pieces from the old site, and adding a number of new sections, including a collector's site (which we've already been discussing over on the Yahoo Hammer Group). The move should happen over the next few weeks, either with the redesign, or the redesign will follow.

Place your bookmarks now for our new url:

The Ultimate Hammer Box Set - Titles Confirmed!!
24.07.06 (see earlier article below)

Its been a fast news day here, we've now got full exclusive confirmation of the titles appearing on the Ultimate Hammer Box Set, and a few titles previously unavailable in the UK appearing on the set. As yet there is no information available regarding extras etc. but as soon as we hear anything we'll let you know.

The complete list is:


That's 20 different Hammer films, including first UK outings on dvd for DEMONS OF THE MIND, FEAR IN THE NIGHT, THE REPTILE, THE WITCHES and SLAVE GIRLS. More as we get it....

More Hammer Noir dates....
24.07.06 - updated 24.07.06 twice

The first of VCI/Kit Parker's Hammer Noir dvds is released in the US tomorrow (see below for more on this). Meanwhile, we've had confirmation of release dates for a further two volumes in the series, with the remaining two volumes to be set.

November 28 will see the release of VOLUME 4: TERROR STREET and WINGS OF DANGER and VOLUME 5: PAID TO KILL and THE GLASS TOMB.

Yet to be confirmed are VOLUME 6: BLACK GLOVE and BIG DEADLY GAME; and VOLUME 7: UNHOLY FOUR and SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR. There's also no indication about plans for RACE FOR LIFE (previously listed under the series plans). Cover art and more details when we get them....

The Ultimate Hammer Box Set???....

One of the most regular questions I'm asked, is why there isn't one box set with all the Hammer films on them. The answer is two fold. First of all, there are between 200 and 300 individual films which belong to Hammer (in some way). Even if prints were available of every film, such a box set would be huge. Secondly of course, the rights to the Hammer films are owned by a large number of companies other than Hammer. Its a complicated situation...

Optimum Releasing it seems, have acquired the rights to the Hammer titles previously held by Studio Canal - a set of films which was for the most part released in the UK on dvd by Warner Bros. On the Optimum website they are currently listing an Ultimate Hammer Box set, with an RRP of £149.99.

According to the Optimum website:

Spanning a decade of the Hammer Studios’ most prolific period, the titles in this boxset represent the pick of the cult horror and fantasy classics that will always endure in the affections of the movie-going public. Made between 1965 and 1976, these titles feature Hammer icons Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, as well as an all star cast of thousands that includes Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch, Joss Ackland, Julian Glover, David Prowse, Denholm Elliot, Honor Blackman, Nastassja Kinski, Richard Widmark, Joan Fontaine, Leonard Rossiter, Bernard Cribbins, Barbara Shelley and Michael Ripper.

Whilst the website as yet doesn't list titles and we're still waiting for more information, we can guess that the set will include SHE, TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER, THE WITCHES, QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, and ONE MILLION YEARS BC at least. Quite how Ultimate that set is remains to be seen - most Hammer fans would agree that to ignore the Bray period (as this set appears to largely) is not to provide an Ultimate selection.

We will bring you more on this as information becomes available.

COUNTESS DRACULA special edition dvd! Network's Hammer plans....
.07.06 - updated 24.07.06

Cover art for COUNTESS DRACULA, directed by Peter Sasdy for Hammer, and making a UK special editon debut on dvd in the UK in September from Network DVD

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(added 7 September 2006)

Contrary to earlier reports here, Network are not releasing Hammer's version of The Old Dark House, rather they are issuing the superb 1932 James Whale version. Apologies for the mix-up (caused by erroneous online listings). However, we've spoken to Network directly today, and they do have plans for a number of other Hammer films....

Network are re-releasing COUNTESS DRACULA on dvd here in the UK, this time as a special edition, which includes a special introduction from Ingrid Pitt. Our information suggests this is a newly recorded introduction for this dvd, and the dvd does not merely rework the extras from the old US Midnite Movies label. More details as we get them.

The film was previously available from Carlton/Granada Ventures in the UK as a basic disc. Network have pulled together an interesting selection of extras for the new release. According to the press release for the dvd:


·        Audio commentary with Ingrid Pitt and horror experts Kim Newman and Stephen Jones

·        Booklet written by Stephen Jones

·        Archive news clip celebration of fifty years of Hammer from Meridian TV in 1999

·        Archive interview with Ingrid Pitt from Tonight in 1999

·        Thriller episode: Where the Action Is featuring Ingrid Pitt

·        Conceptions of Murder: Peter and Maria – a 1970 play about mass murder, starring Nigel Green

·        Theatrical trailer

The dvd goes on sale September 11th with a RRP of £14.99.

Network are also planning the release on dvd of TWINS OF EVIL and HANDS OF THE RIPPER, both in October. At this stage neither is planned as a special edition owing to a lack of available materials, although things may change.  Network's horror output this year will also include the Peter Cushing film THE UNCANNY, and Robin Hardy's forgotten horror THE FANTASIST.

Network themselves are newcomers to the Hammer dvd front, but have established a great reputation for their restoration of many tv classics. Also of note is the release in August of a new 2-disc version of British crime classic ODD MAN OUT (1947), directed by Carol Reed (uncle of Hammer's own Oliver Reed). Hammer's distribution arm, Exclusive, handled a re-release of the film in the 1950s.

Pre-order OLD DARK HOUSE (1932) from or

Pre-order COUNTESS DRACULA from or

Pre-order ODD MAN OUT from or

Book News

The Official Hammer Films website has been updated again this week, and contains an interesting piece on their news pages about Hammer alumni Ingrid Pitt's specially commissioned book on Hammer, which is going under the title of "THE HAMMER XPERIENCE". According to the article the book is being published by Hammer themselves towards the end of 2007. The next 18 months promises to be filled with books on Hammer...

Ingird has, according to HammerWeb and postings on Ingrid's own website, been working on the book for several years now, but she is still looking for anyone with anything new to say to get in touch. Ingrid asks that if you have any new material which can be of use to email her at or by regular post at PO Box 403, Richmond on Thames, Surrey, TW10 6FW. Any contributions used will be acknowledged in the book.

Festival News

Frightfest logoThe ever-popular Frightfest Horror festival in London are screening three classic Hammer films as part of their lineup on August 25th, starting with HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES at 11.45 am. COUNTESS DRACULA and TWINS OF EVIL follow later in the afternoon. Tickets do sell out fast so early booking is advised.

Full details at

Book News
cover art for BBC Audiobooks The Quatermass Memoirs

"James Bernard, Composer to Count Dracula"
by David Huckvale
published McFarland & Co, May 2006
RRP: $45.00

In development for several years, David Huckvale's long-awaited biography of former Hammer composer, James Bernard, has finally been published by McFarland & Co in the US.
The book itself was written with Bernard's full co-operation, and the composer was said to be looking forward to its release. Huckvale is a lecturere in music and cultural studies for Cambridge University.

Bernard's score lit up many a Hammer Film, including the classic DEVIL RIDES OUT, and DRACULA (1958) - a score which he reworked for Channel 4's release of NOSFERATU (1922) in the early 1990s. This is the first time a full biography on Bernard, who died in 2001, has been available.

by David Huckvale
foreword by Ingrid Pitt
311 pages, Hardback
ISBN: 0-7864-2302-1
Published by McFarland & Co, 4 May 2006
SRP: $45.00

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* Click here to order from *
(please note that this is a US book, and may be quicker/cheaper
to purchase from the link above)





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