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Broadcast News 27.08.

As part of the BBC's British Film Forever season, currently running on BBC2 in the UK, the season this week examines the history of British horror and fantasy films. As well as featuring in a documentary three rarely broadcast Hammer horrors are featured as part of the season during the week.


Its not too often Hammer films get broadcast on terrestrial television anymore, and seldom before 3am so this is a real treat for fans. We've lifted details of the screenings from the BBC website. See below:


The Quatermass Xperiment
Saturday August 25, 2pm
(1955) When his experimental rocket returns to Earth with only one member of the three-man crew on board, Professor Bernard Quatermass finds himself combatting a terrifying extraterrestrial entity.


British Film Forever: Magic, Murder & Monsters - The Story of Horror and Fantasy

BBC TWO, Saturday August 25, 9.15pm
Programme Five in BBC TWO's history of British Film turns its attention to films that have made us scream and howl over the years - occasionally with laughter as well as fright.

From Hammer to Harry Potter, from Plague of the Zombies to Shaun of the Dead, 'Magic, Murder & Monsters' traces the evolution of the Great British Horror & Fantasy film, featuring original interviews with Sir Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Simon Pegg, Terry Gilliam, and John Landis.


The Damned

Monday August 27, 11.30pm

(1963) A young couple on the run from the leader of a violent gang stumble across a cave beneath a military base, which houses a terrible secret. Within it live a group of children reared in a radioactive world as part of a scientific experiment. The couple try to free the children, unaware of their murderous tendencies.

The Gorgon
Tuesday August 28, 11.20pm
(1964) When a Professor's son visits an isolated Transylvanian village and is turned to stone, his father leads an investigation into the strange goings-on in the mountains. The culprit is Magera, a gorgon from Greek mythology, who along with her deadly stare can also transform herself into a seemingly innocent village girl. But with the local surgeon helping to hide her secret, will the Professor succeed?





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