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Production News 24.06.2008

Fan reaction to the first Hammer production proper since the House of Mystery and Suspense series in 1983 has been mixed to say the least. Hammer's Beyond the Rave took the bold step of a free release, distributed in four minute episodes, twice a week, through popular social networking website Myspace. With a score by DJ Pete Tong, the blending of vampires with the English rave scene has given it a contemporary appearance in stark contrast to the period gothics the company earned its reputation with in the 1950s.

Some have suggested that the focus of the rave scene is somewhat anachronistic, and is akin to the "groovy" rock band Stoneground in Dracula AD 1972. has tried to remain open-minded about the rave focus, but it appears that the rave movement is still very active in England where the film was produced. Feedback on the myspace pages devoted to the film ( have been overwhelmingly positive, with the assumed target audience of 16-24 year olds have engaged with the interactive elements of the project and enjoyed the serial.

Myspace members have been able to expand their viewing experience with supplemental videos, fictional profiles for the characters from the film and even interactive gaming options.

Whilst this is a news section, it also seems the most appropriate place to provide some feedback and consideration on the project. Regardless of how one feels about the actual storyline, the move was a brave one, and with the millions of members on myspace, and the heavy promotion across myspace during the webcast the Hammer brand has been able to reach out to a vibrant fresh audience, which are the audience of tomorrow.

Beyond the Rave was made with a budget of £400,000 which is far below that of the average low-budget British feature. With the project being offered online for free (in both standard and high-definition format) potential returns must come through advertising and the eventual dvd release.  As an exercise in brand awareness the project seems expensive but with available finance of some £50 million this is a fairly low-risk investment. With the next production seemingly set to be a feature for theatrical release, and believed to be in pre-production, the whole exercise has served its purpose to create awareness and act as the first step in the return to full-time production.

The anticipated dvd of Beyond the Rave has been pushed back from the original June 16th release date. Online retailers are still taking orders, but our sources suggest the dvd will not be available until the autumn now. Distributor Fox Home Entertainment do not have the title listed on their website at present.

In the meantime the entire 20-episode serial is available to watch online or download and view at for a limited time. We understand that the serial will be taken offline before the end of July, presumably to provide a window before the dvd release. A soundtrack album is also rumoured for future release.

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