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Merchandise News 06.01.2008

Vampire Terrortory - the new interactive dvd game from Britannia Games, licensed by Coolabi

Vampire Terrortory cover

The end of 2006 saw the release of Forbidden Terrortory, the interactive Hammer Horror dvd board game from Britannia Games, under license from Coolabi. Just before Christmas 2007, Britannia brought out the follow-up under the title Vampire Terrortory.


In the first week of release the game was in the top ten for a number of online retailers including and HMV.


The game can be played on any domestic dvd player and does not require a computer. It is introduced by Ingrid Pitt (The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula, Beyond the Rave) and includes "90 iconic clips, 170 images and over 550 questions". The press release is below.



DVD interactive game

RRP: £14.99

Cert: 18

Cat no: BRIT009
Britannia Games, licensed by Coolabi on behalf of Hammer Film Productions Ltd.


Order your copy from here.


Order your copy from here.



Hammer Horror features on interactive DVD

 Coolabi and Britannia join forces again to thrill horror fans

Following the success of last year’s Forbidden Terrortory board game. Britannia Games has extended its Hammer Horror range with Coolabi to launch a new interactive DVD game designed to appeal to fans of the iconic brand. 

Vampire Terrortory allows fans to assist Professor Van Helsing in his absence on the quest to find Dracula. Time is against you as you travel through the game collecting your protection and navigating your way through Vampire Terrortory in search of Dracula - but beware, your knowledge of all things Hammer will be severely tested throughout the game so listen carefully to Hammer Legend Ingrid Pitt as she narrates you through the hazards.

Vampire Terrortory contains clips of all the famous Hammer Vampire classics. Britannia Games Sales Director Ralph Patmore says although this builds on the success of Forbidden Terrortory, the new game is a lot more sophisticated.

Says Patmore: “The game play is more complex; you have to answer two out of three questions to progress through the various stages. I tried it and it took me about two days to complete.”

Vampire Terrortory draws heavily on Hammer Horror’s vampire lore but Patmore says it is an ideal game for any movie fan.

Comments Patmore: “A working knowledge of the Hammer films will give you a good start, but the great thing about the game is that you learn about Hammer films as you go along so movie buffs should love it.” 

Vampire Terrortory has sold in well to HMV, Virgin, and Forbidden Planet and is also available through the Hammer website on

The game is doing very well in its niche market but Britannia is confident that it will follow the example of Forbidden Terrortory and make its way into other major High Street retailers.

Janet Woodward, head of licensing at Coolabi which controls the rights to Hammer Horror, says they are delighted with the release of Vampire Terrortory.

Says Woodward: “As Hammer celebrates its 50th anniversary it is terrific to see these classic characters having such an entertaining and exciting life on a state of the art format such as interactive DVD. I think it proves that Hammer Horror is a vibrant and dynamic brand that can adapt itself to almost any platform,”


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Order your copy from here.










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