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News 20.05.

The all-new remastered version of Hammer's classic Dracula (1958) premiered this week at the Cannes Film Festival.

As previously announced here at, the BFI have been behind a new restoration of Hammer's Dracula. The restoration premiered on Thursday night (17 May) at the Cannes Film Festival.


Unofficialhammerfilms couldn't be there in person, but we've received this report from one of our correspondents at the festival:


At the Cannes Film Festival in the "Classics" strand Hammer was honoured by the inclusion of the newly restored version  of its 1958 classic "Dracula" directed by Terence Fisher and starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. The screening took place on Tuesday 17th of May at 10pm to a packed house in the Salle Bunuel in the Palais des Festivals on Cannes'  famous Croisette. It was introduced by BFI Director Amanda Neville who in turn introduced Rick Senat. She mentioned that Rick had been a long time supporter of the BFI and had been both a BFI governor and its deputy chair for some 6 years. He had also been a senior vice-president of Warner Brothers for some 25 years and a director of Hammer Film productions Ltd. for many years too. Thus it was entirely appropriate that Rick be invited by the festival to introduce the screening. After thanking the festival for inviting the film and all those people  who had worked on the restoration she asked Rick to speak.

Rick introduced the film with the following remarks:

Ladies and gentlemen

Today's historic event represents an extraordinary collaboration between 3 great organisations : Warner Brothers, The British Film Institute and Hammer Film Productions. By some magical circumstance I have been blessed to have had long associations with all 3.

The British Film Institute's commitment to the restoration and preservation of the world's great film heritage is perfectly represented by this wonderful event. You should also know that the print that you are about to see has been painstakingly restored from the original negative and not digitally.

The legendary British film company HAMMER FILM PRODUCTIONS has provided generations of filmgoers all over the world with enormous pleasure and has in turn contributed to the history of cinema.

During its most successful years, Hammer dominated the horror film market, enjoying worldwide distribution and considerable financial success. This success was due, in part, to distribution partnerships with major United States studios, such as Warner Brothers who have worked so closely with the BFI on this project

Dracula was an enormous success, breaking box-office records in the UK, the United States where it was released as Horror of Dracula, Canada, and across the world.

Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Cannes film festival and the 50th anniversary of the making of the film that we are about to see.

Ladies and gentlemen you are in for a here it is -   the newly restored version of the classic British film DRACULA!



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