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DVD News 04.07.

Still no official update on the forthcoming Hammer titles from DD Home Entertainment, as part of an exciting deal with Sony Pictures, rights-holders to a number of classic Hammer horrors.


However it is believed that the first of the Hammer titles will likely appear in October (traditionally a strong month for Hammer releases on video and dvd). The Gorgon has been hotly tipped to be amongst the first batch.

The titular demon from British horror classic Night of the Demon - out on dvd this September

In the meantime, British horror fans will be pleased to learn that another title in the Columbia/DD deal has been announced for release on 17th September. Although not a Hammer film, Night of the Demon (based on the classic MR James story Casting the Runes) began filming on the same day as Hammer's Curse of Frankenstein, and holds a place amongst horror fans as one of the most important British horror films of the 1950s.


The dvd will be a 2 disc special edition, to include both the original UK and US versions of the film (the latter titled Curse of the Demon), as did the Sony R1 release of a few years ago. The dvd will also contain a number of other special features exclusive to the UK release, including a photo gallery, a documentary including interviews with the film's lead Peggy Cummins, and historians Jonathan Rigby and Tony Earnshaw; and as a special bonus, the 1979 tv adaptation of the story Casting the Runes directed by Laurence Gordon Clark.


The dvd is priced at £15.99, but you can pre-order yours for only £11.99 including free p&p by clicking here.


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