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Obituary 16.08.

Peter Graham Scott at the Hammer at Bray III event, Bray Studios, August 4, 2007.

Peter Graham Scott at the Hammer at Bray III event, Bray Studios, August 4, 2007.
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We're saddened to have to report the sudden death of director Peter Graham Scott, director of Hammer fan-favourite Captain Clegg.


Scott was born on 27 October 1923 in East Sheen, and embarked on a lengthy film and television career following an early experience with Hitchcock. Following lessons at the Italia Conti acting school, he had a two-line part in Hitchcock's Young and Innocent (1937) which opened his eyes to the power of the director's role.


He worked his way through the ranks after the war, from editor on the likes of Brighton Rock (1947) through writing, producing and directing. His credits include episodes of London Playhouse, Sir Francis Drake, The Avengers, Dangerman, and the cult children's science fiction series Children of The Stones.


In September 1961, Scott was brought on board to direct Hammer's swashbuckling adventure The Curse of Captain Clegg - an adaptation of Russell Thorndike's Dr. Syn novels. The resulting film, Captain Clegg (retitled Night Creatures in the US) was an enthralling adventure, filled with smugglers and skulduggery. Scott's sequences of the ghost riders on Romney Marsh standing out as a visual highlight of the film.


Captain Clegg may have been his sole Hammer credit, but it was one which the fans never let him forget. Scott was a guest at the Hammer at Bray III event at Bray Studios on Saturday 4th August 2007, amiably chatting to fans about his work on the lawn outside the studio. According to his daughter, who accompanied him to the event, he enjoyed the day and the attention.


Sadly Peter Graham Scott died the following day, on the morning pf 5 August, 2007. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.


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