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UK TV News 17.09.05

BBC lost decade logoDespite his huge popularity and prolific output, just three decades after his death, author Dennis Wheatley has been all but forgotten, his occult novels a footnote in history. Three of his books were adapted into Hammer films - The Devil Rides Out, To The Devil A Daughter and Uncharted Seas (as Lost Continent).

BBC4 are running a season of programmes during October under the Lost Decade banner, looking at the decade after the second World War and the changing shape of Britain. A season of documentaries and classic films.

On Saturday 15th October they're screening a documentary on John Wyndham followed by the film of his most famous book Day of the Triffids.

Then on Saturday 29th October there is a documentary (repeated on Monday 31st October) hosted by biographer Phil Baker on Dennis Wheatley - A Letter To Posterity. The hour long piece looks at his 70 books, 50 million copies sold, his interest in the occult, and includes an interview with Christopher Lee. The film also includes interviews with Wheatley's son Anthony, occultist Mogg Morgan, critic and friend Anthony Lejeune, authority on British popular fiction Clive Bloom, historian Philip Murphy and Kate Bradley, from Book Club Associates.

The Saturday screening is being followed by a broadcast of Hammer's classic The Devil Rides Out, starring Christopher Lee, Patrick Mower, Paul Eddington, Sarah Lawson and Charles Grey.

Further details on the season can be found here.

Full details on the BBC documentary can be found here.

photograph of Dennis Wheatley
Dennis Wheatley



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