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DVD News 03.03.05 updated 06.03.05

DD UK dvd cover for Four Sided TriangleDD dvd cover for Stolen Face

Its Exclusive! This April 4th looks set to be a bumper day for Hammer fans, with at least three Hammer titles out on the same day. Although we are still awaiting confirmation of extras for the discs, we can at least present cover art for the forthcoming UK Region 2 releases of Stolen Face and Four Sided Triangle. Whilst the latter has previously been available in the US on the Anchor Bay label, Stolen Face is receiving a global debut. Alongside these dvds, DD are also releasing Mask of Dust on dvd for the first time, as well as the UK debut of Spaceways previously only available from Image Entertainment in the US. The dvds are accompanied by a selection of Hammer short films.

Stolen Face was released in 1952, and was directed by Terence Fisher, in one of his first assignments for the company. Lizabeth Scott plays a dual role in this vaguely sci-fi tale about a woman whose appearance is altered to look like another woman, in an attempt at seduction. The tight little thriller also features Andre Morell and Richard Wattis (Sykes, The Abominable Snowman).

We can also confirm, that the Stolen Face (1952) dvd will also include the film Danger List from 1957. Danger List is a 22 minute short from Hammer, starring the delectable Honor Blackman (The Avengers, To the Devil A Daughter) as a nurse attempting to retrieve a lethal medicine from her patients. This short film has been previously unavailable on the legitimate domestic market.

Four Sided Triangle (1952) is a similarly themed sci-fi flick, concerning duplication and twisted love-triangles. The cast includes Barbara Payton, and John Van Eyssen. Another Fisher-helmed piece, which hints at the direction Hammer would take with the Frankenstein franchise.

The Four Sided Triangle dvd will contain similar material - to be confirmed. We can now confirm the rest of the extra material. This disc will include the short subject The Right Person (1955). A half-hour thriller set in Copenhagen concerning NAZI wealth. The disc will also include three gallerys of early Hammer images. Whilst the Hammer short documentary Copenhagen was rumoured to be set for release on this slate of releases, it is now probable that the film will not be included owing to problems with the master material.

Also set for release in this slate is Hammer's first foray into science fiction proper, Spaceways (1953). The 75 minute piece starring Howard Dugg and Eva Bartok was released by Image in the US several years ago. Rather stagey, but important in terms of the origins of British cinematic sf, and for Hammer's future (preceeding Quatermass, and directed by Terence Fisher - Hammer's then favourite director-for-hire). The DD disc is set to include the short Operation Universe (1959), an half-hour colour scope film directed by Peter Bryan about British scientists and the atomic way.

DD's UK dvd cover for Mask of DustDD's UK dvd cover for SpacewaysFinally, and from what we can gather - the last of the DD Hammer titles for the meantime, is the never before released on domestic format, Mask of Dust (1954), another Terence Fisher picture of some 80 mins duration, and essentially the first British film centred around racing cars. The film itself features newsreel footage of actual races. As supplemental material the dvd includes original Movietone news reports: BRM Wins at Goodwood; Motor Racing (the 1955 British Grand Prix); Thank You, Stirling (career retrospective).

Each of the dvds will include the usual 24 page booklet by Marcus Hearn and Jonathan Rigby, including poster art, and rare stills.

When the dvds are available to order, we will include the links for online purchase here and on the main page.


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