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Media News 14.06.05

Not Hammer, but possibly of interest are a number of radio productions currently airing on BBC Radio 4 (and available for a week following broadcast on the BBC's listen again feature).

HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY is drawing to a close, with the final couple of parts airing this week and next. All five of Douglas Adams brilliant novels have now been adapted, and Simon Jones (Arthur Dent) will be saying goodbye for good. The preview copies I listened to were excellent, with Douglas own inimitable voice clearly present. The complete radio series will shortly be available on CD from BBC Worldwide. I'll be posting links etc for that soon.

DIXON OF DOCK GREEN. Whilst Val Guest painted his bleak view of Manchester for Hammer with HELL IS A CITY, Jack Warner played Dixon on BBC tv for some 20 years. The character has been resurrected for BBC Radio 4 in a new 6 part series, which also stars future Doctor Who, David Tennant. The series starts tomorrow, and alongside bicycle thefts there promises to be some more explosive storylines...

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