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DVD News 16.01.05

With the new year now upon us, there's plenty arrived in the last few months, and lined up this year to keep even the most hardcore Hammer fan happy.

German distributors, Anolis, have provided a string of 20 Hammer films (with more to come), in their Hammer Edition. Beautifully packaged, complete with original English audio and German, as well as optional German subtitles, original English prints, and a wealth of extras (commentaries, interviews etc). Plus, all region 2, Pal format. Providing a much needed alternative to the now difficult to obtain Anchor Bay releases from the US, without the need for a multi-region player.

And of course, several of their titles have not yet been released on dvd in the UK (or US).

November saw the last in their initial run of 20 Hammer titles. More are lined up for this year. We are running a larger overview and reviews in the coming weeks.

Each of the dvds costs 15 Euros, (around £9.99), from our German affiliate shop. Its easy enough to get around without the use of a translator, and well-worth it. The cover art below is for the titles released on 4th November 2004 - The Lost Continent, Quatermass II, and Quatermass and the Pit. Click on the pictures to be taken to our affiliates to purchase now...

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